Brand Building on Social Media


Brand Building on Social Media - 7 Top Tips

A quick start guide to building your brand on social media platforms.

This social media brand-building post delves straight into tactical delivery. 

We’re working on the assumption that you already have a clear idea of the following:

  • Your market and know who you are targeting.
  • How you are positioning your brand to the target segment.
  • You have defined SMART objectives that support brand growth. Achieving one of your objectives involves building your brand on social media. 
So with the preamble out the way, let’s get stuck into our 7 top tips for successful brand building on social media.

1. Paid Social Media Ads For Brand Building

While it’s not impossible to grow your brand sharing messages organically (non-paid posts) on social media. 

It’s going to take way too long. 

And it’s getting harder and harder to do so.

To build your brand you want to be reaching as many new potential customers as possible.

The best way to do this is with paid adverts.

Additionally, most buyers of your products will be infrequent or “light” buyers.

These aren’t the people who will follow your pages and potentially see your organic content.

Budget needed will be lead by your objectives. However, even SME’s with comparatively small budgets can get excellent brand building success by advertising on social media.

2. Don't Target Too Precisely

With so many options and criteria for targeting within each social media platform, it’s tempting to get too granular.

However, when looking to build brand awareness you want to get your ad in front of as many people as possible.

Your ad targeting will be led by your overarching marketing strategy.

We recommend you apply just enough targeting filters to match the segment you are targeting and go no further.

When it comes to brand building, spillover (reaching people outside of your target segment) is a good thing.

Budget permitting you could also just set your criteria to match the whole market you sell to.

The time to get more granular with your targeting is when you are running direct response ads that are focused on getting as many sales as possible.

An ideal campaign will have broad awareness ads running the same time as targeted direct-response ads.

3. Bold Creative Builds Brands

When it comes to brand building you want to aim for big bold ideas that are going to capture peoples attention. And hopefully elicit some form of emotional response.

This is where your positioning comes into play.

Your positioning will outline the things you want to be famous for in the minds of your customers.

Your ads are the vehicle for delivering this.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is an excellent example of this.

While this isn’t exclusively a social media campaign, the creative is being delivered through paid ads on social platforms.

4. Start With Video

Video always performs well on social media.

It’s also an excellent media choice for social media brand building advertising.

Creating one strongly branded 30-second video ad gives you a myriad of related ad content you can use to expand your campaign. 

Things like: 

  • shorter video edits
  • image ads using still from the main video
  • related gifs and animations.
fisher price see toys everywhere campaign

5. Align Social Media Messaging With Other Channels

While it is possible to build your brand on social media alone.

There’s going to come a time when you need to scale your efforts.

As the chart below shows, social media benefits greatly from the use of other channels. Especially TV and out of home.

media channel synergy

The more channels you can use to grow your brand the better.

This means you need to ensure your positioning and subsequent ad creative is consistent across all channels.

And if you’ve followed our previous point and based your campaign around a leading 30 second video ad, you’re already a long way down the line to bringing in online video, VOD, and online display with relative ease.

6. One Clear Message Per Advert

millward brown graph

This chart says everything we need to say on this point really. 

Keep it simple.

7. Test and Learn

The great thing about brand advertising on social media is you can set-up multiple variations of ads with ease. 

This allows you to test and optimise your work at a low cost.

While most brand advertising won’t need to be super optimised, like you would with direct-response ads. Being able to refine your messaging is still a big plus point.

You can even use social channels to test ad creative before running it on more expensive channels that are harder to measure and test.


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