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Digital Asset Management For Small Business

Digital asset management software offers you a way to easily manage your digital media files.

In this article we run through everything you need to know about digital asset management for small companies. We cover the pros, the cons and all the common questions people have about using DAM for their small business.

Let’s get started!

Small Brands Can Gain Competitive Edge With Digital Asset Management Too

It’s a given that large businesses need software to help them manage their brand and creative assets. With multiple departments and teams across the globe, having a single source for all brand material is essential. 

However, there are many advantages of digital asset management for small businesses too.

It provides a strong foundation for brand growth… 

  • Working remotely and across teams is so much easier with everyone able to access one platform.
  • Your marketing output becomes so much easier to manage with campaign folders. 
  • You gain control over how your brand assets – no more using the wrong logo!
  • You save time and money by not having to hunt down the files you need.

Importantly, all these benefits combine to give you an edge over your competition. While you streamline your brand management by investing in DAM software they will struggle with inefficiency.

The Benefits of Digital Asset Management for Small Businesses

Everyone Using the Same Digital Asset Management Systems for Managing Brand Assets

small business team collaborating with digital asseet management

Consistent use of 3-5 distinctive brands assets is essential for building salience in your market.

So when you have guidelines and files saved all over the place, you are already on the back foot:

  • Files will be difficult to find.
  • Teams will use the wrong logo.
  • And your marketing creative will be inconsistent.

Brand asset management software will solve this issue for your SME. Using it will get everyone working in the same way, on one platform. 

As well as supporting consistent delivery, this better organisation of your assets will present massive times savings as people can easily and quickly find the files they need.

Another plus point of all your team using the same digital asset management tools for storing and organising your media assets is that you’re a lot less likely to lose them.

With all your digital files stored in one place your team will know exactly where the assets they need are, at all times.

It also makes things like version control, sharing files and marketing materials so much easier.

The Ability to Scale as Your Small Business Does

scale your small business

The last thing you want as you grow your business is to be stuck with outdated systems and processes.

They’ll creak under the pressure of your bigger sized operation and cause a multitude of headaches. 

Investing in digital asset management for your small business from the start will help embed good habits early.

It will ensure your business growth is as smooth as possible. 

Brand asset management is such as small part of running your business.

To have it become a major pain point is unnecessary and easily avoidable.

Plus, think of the competitive advantage as you manage your brand with ease, and your competition is still muddling around with five different methods.

Use Digital Asset Management Software to Support Remote Teams

small company remote working on zoom

As an SME you may not have multiple office locations, but you’re likely to support remote working in some form. 

Or have sales team members working in different locations.

Everyone creating and saving files, that the whole business needs to access, in multiple locations is a recipe for chaos.

If we take remote sales staff as an example, these people are interacting with potential customers every day.

So, if their promotional material is poorly branded and outdated, or they take an approach that doesn’t align with your brand positioning, there’s a high potential for a negative impact on sales performance. 

Using brand asset management for your SME will bring everyone together. Everyone on the same page.

Better Brand Asset Management For Your SME

small business brand management

A huge asset of using Brand Asset Management software for your business is the control it will give you over your creative brand files.

As your business grows and you hire people you won’t have to worry about them not knowing how to use your brand assets.

You can send them one link and they can easily access everything they need to promote your brand.

Better digital asset management for your SME also comes from the simple fact that you will massively improve the control you have over your brand assets.

You can ensure your team don’t use outdated logos, imagery, video and audio. You can also role out marketing campaigns much more easily as you can upload all campaign material to your DAM platform.

Just think of the time and resource savings from this alone. 

Even better – think about the competitive edge it will give you over your competitors that are stuck saving files all over the place and making mistakes in their marketing campaigns.

Secure Storage For Your Digital Assets

As a small business, you probably store your brand and creative assets on internal an internal server or hard drives.

While this works, it’s risky.

If the worst were to happen, and there was a flood or fire at your office, there’s a high chance that you would lose all your valuable digital assets.

Using a cloud-based DAM for your SME provides extra security.

Firstly, you can store everything remotely.

Secondly, most online DAM solutions will give you the benefit of daily file back-ups to remote locations. 

The Downside of Digital Asset Management for Small Business

For the sake of balance, it’s worth considering some of the downsides of digital asset management for small businesses too:

Unnecessary Complexity in Your DAM Software

complex wires

Barring a few exceptions much business software on the market is unnecessarily complex.

This stems from poorly thought out user experience.

Perhaps as a result of rushing through new features.

Or trying to do too many different things within the same platform.

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing more frustrating than investing in software that’s meant to solve a business problem, only to fix one problem then create several more.

Our guiding principles at Brandspace are clarity and simplicity. We’ve all been in your position – stuck with cumbersome software that nobody likes using.

So, the last thing we want is for you to invest in our software then be stuck not being able to use it due to unnecessary complexity and bad design. 

DAM Software Feature Bloat

bad software

In a bid to up prices or gain new customers many software platforms continuously launch new features.

While innovation and constant improvement are definitely positive. When done just to chase revenue it’s easy to lose sight of the core reason you created the software in the first place.

From your perspective as a small business, too many features drastically increase the learning curve. This results in an uptake time of the new platform that is too long.

It also means people have to sift through all the unnecessary features just to use the ones that really help them in their work.

More features also mean more things to go wrong.

Which in turn means more things for developers to fix, which has a doubly negative impact in that:

  1. It requires more resources to fix, meaning higher costs for you.
  2. It takes away time from genuine innovation and software improvement.

DAM Software Cost Can Be an Issue for Your Small Business

piggy bank

Introducing any new software or way of working is a big investment for a small business.

Both in terms of the actual cost of the platform and the time cost in staff learning to use the system.

Expense is compounded by complexity and feature bloat. This is because the more complex and feature heavy the system the longer the learning curve.

The result of this is that it lowers the chance of it becoming part of your business processes over the long term.

Do You Need Digital Asset Management for Your Small Business?

If you’ve read through the pros and cons and still aren’t sure whether you need to improve the way you manage your digital assets, answering the following questions should help:

  • Do you waste hours searching for brand and creative files?
  • Are your creative digital assets are saved all over the place?
  • Does it feel too difficult to share files with remote teams
  • Is it too difficult to launch new marketing campaigns?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have control over your digital assets?

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions then you definitely need a digital assessment management solution for your small business.

What Digital Asset Management Software Features do You Need for Your SME?

Our pricing page covers all the essential features you need to manage your digital media files and distinctive brand assets.

Some of the DAM features you need to look out for include:

  • Unlimited users.
  • Adequate storage space.
  • Cloud (web) based software.
  • Strong security and regular backups.
  • Metadata management.
  • User permissions.
  • Easy to use.

We’ve also written a helpful guide on the top ten DAM platform features you need for your small business.

How Much Does Digital Asset Management For Small Business Cost?

The great news is that digital asset management for small businesses is not expensive.

Brandspace starts at just £79 a month. 

So for less than £1000 a year you can take control of your brand and gain the edge on your competition.

And talking of Brandspace, let’s find out a bite more about it…

Brandspace: The Perfect Digital Asset Management Software For Your Small Business

Brandspace is the perfect digital asset management for small business.

Firstly, our guiding principles are simplicity and clarity. We want you to be able to sign-up for Brandspace and start right away. While we’re always on hand if you need help, you won’t need lengthy, boring and costly training to use your Brandspace.

We built Brandspace to help you manage your SME’s brand assets, nothing more. We’ll never introduce features that will distract from delivering against this purpose.

Product tiers

Every product tier of Brandspace offers unlimited users, making it easy to scale usage across your business. Additionally, we’ve made it as easy to use as possible, so everyone can get started right away.


We’ve structured Brandspace perfectly to scale with you as your brand and needs grow.

Our starter pack gives you everything you need to manage your assets effectively. Then each tier offers more features and storage space that you’ll find useful as your brand grows. Users are unlimited across all options.

This means you only pay for the things you need. And you can get all your team on board without fear of extra charges.

Brand asset management

Brandspace gives you all the essential features you need to manage your brand. From metadata to user permissions, you’ll be in control of all aspects of your brand.


The Brandspace feature set has been carefully considered. We only add things that will make your job easier. There are no extra features for the sake of trying to make extra sales.

Only Essential Features

As we mentioned previously, the Brandspace feature set has been carefully considered. We only add things that will make your job easier. There are no extra features for the sake of trying to make extra sales.


We currently offer three product tiers. Each one carefully put together with small businesses in mind. So if you’re just dipping your toe in the water of better digital asset management or are looking for all the functionality you need to manage your brand at scale we’ve got you covered.

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