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Brandspace is the Dropbox Business alternative that helps you easily manage the creative assets that bring your brand to life.

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What is Brandspace?

Easy to Use Brand Asset Management Software

Brandspace is easy to use digital asset management software that you can use to upload, manage and share your digital media files.

It has been designed with growing businesses in mind, so it scales as you grow.

If you create a lot of digital content and media in your business, Brandspace is an alternative to Dropbox that you should consider.

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What is Dropbox?

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File Storage and Collaboration

Dropbox is a file storage and collaboration tool that offers huge amounts of storage. It has free and paid plans aimed at individuals and businesses. So it has something for everyone.

Business plans offer a huge amount of storage and a selection of features for managing files and users. Plans start at £10 per user, with a three user minimum.


Brandspace is the Perfect Dropbox Alternative for Small Businesses Looking to Support Fast Growth

Everything You Need to Manage Your Brand Assets. Nothing Else.

As a growing business, you probably don’t want or need to pay for a whole host of unnecessary enterprise brand asset management software features.

It’s also likely that internal servers don’t quite meet your needs when it comes to managing your brand’s creative files.

You might even be using systems like Dropbox but are getting frustrated by software that tries to do everything, rather than do one thing well. You might even be put off by Dropbox’s per user pricing.

This is where Brandspace comes in. We’re the perfect next step for growing Businesses – simple, easy to use and priced with SME’s and growing businesses in mind.

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Simple Pricing Based on Business Needs

Plans Designed With Your Whole Business in Mind

Unlike Dropbox which offers per-user pricing, Brandspace plans are based on usage and feature needs. So you only pay for what you need as your business grows.

Dropbox starts out cheaper at £30 a month for their lowest business tier, compared to £79 a month for Brandspace. However, the situation quickly changes as you scale and need to add more users. As soon as you get to eight users Brandspace becomes more cost effective, and it gets better from there.

This means that everyone in your business can access your Brandspace without fear of extra costs. It just means you can align your brand management across your whole organisation. And you’ll always know where you stand with payments.

Find out more about Brandspace plans and pricing. 

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What About Features?

Brandspace Has All the Important Stuff, No Bloat..

Unlimited Users

Everyone in Your Business Working From One Central Platform​

You can scale your business and get everyone working from the same system without fear of massive price increases as you add more users. Unlike Dropbox, Brandspace offers you unlimited user account.

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Cloud Based Digital File Storage

Access Your Files From Any Location And Collaborate Remotely

Like Dropbox, Brandspace is a cloud-based system, so wherever you are you can access your brand assets. 

  • This makes remote work easier.
  • It supports collaboration.
  • And it removes the need to email files or post hard drives.

Easy to Use Dropbox Business Alternative

Don't Struggle With Clumsy Software

Perhaps most importantly for any software your business uses, Brandspace has been created with ease of use at the heart of everything.

From sign-up you can get started right away with no need for lengthy training 

Brandspace is intuitive and easy to use, especially when compared to software like Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Essential Digital Asset Management Functionality

Easily Upload and Catalogue All Your Files

Brandspace comes with all the essential functionality you need to manage your digital assets. At the heart of our software is the ability to easily (bulk) upload, add metadata, and categories your files.

This makes searching for, finding and sharing your files super easy.

Fast and Friendly Support

Get Answers to Your Questions Quickly

Similar to Dropbox, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our software is designed to help you improve the way you run your brand.

So on the occasions you need help or just have questions, we’re always happy to help. And we’ll always respond as quickly as possible.

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Advanced User Management

Ensure the Right People See the Right Files

Two out of the three Brandspace product plans offer user management functionality. This allows you to control who has access to what tags, categories, and folders.

Customise Your Brandspace

Put Your Brand at the Heart of Your Brandspace

Unlike Dropbox, Brandpsace allows you to customise the branding of your brand asset management system.

You can host it on a custom URL. Change the colours to match your branding. And set up the tags, categories and collections in the best way for your brand. 

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What Can You do With Brandspace?

Brandspace is the perfect alternative to Dropbox that gives you all the features you need to expertly manage your digital media files.

  • Secure cloud based storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Asset taxonomy
  • Search, filter and refine assets
  • User management
  • Collections
  • Custom styling
  • Brand guidelines

Complexity is Our Enemy

One of the most important aspects of any software you use in your business is that it’s easy to use and easy to learn to use. Nothing kills uptake of your new software like complexity.

We don’t want Brandspace to be the star of the show; that’s the job of your brand and creative assets.

So, at the core of Brandspace is one simple concept: clarity.

We’ve worked hard to make Brandspace as easy to use as possible. So much so that you won’t need lengthy onboarding calls, and unnecessary sales demos. And when new team members join your growing business they can get started right away and access everything they need with ease.

We want Brandspace to run quietly, and reliably in the background, supporting your business operations and allowing you to focus on the important stuff.

Why Choose Brandspace as an Alternative to DropBox Business?

Common Questions

Will I be Tied Into a Long-term Contract?

No. We offer options to pay annually or monthly and with both options you can cancel anytime. Cancellation is straightforward, the refund process clear and fair, and you get the opportunity to bulk download all your files when you cancel. 

Plus, our 14 day free trial gives you an excellent opportunity to see if Brandspace is the right brand asset management software for you before buy.  

I Have a Lot of Files, Won't That be Difficult to Migrate?

Our brand asset management system has bulk file upload functionality by default, and also supports zip files. So uploading brand assets from your internal servers or other platforms is straightforward. 

Once uploaded to your Brandspace you can check through all the metadata and assign the assets to your newly created categories. 

Will I Outgrow Brandspace, Like I Have With Other Brand Asset Management Platforms?

Brandspace has been designed to be easy to use whether you have 100 files or 5,000, ten staff or 10,000. Brandspace scales on usage, not users, so everyone in your business can access all your files and you pay for what you use.

Have More Questions?

We’re happy to answer them.

Interested in Our Awesome Alternative to Dropbox Business?

Launching Soon

Brandspace is Launching Soon. Join the Waiting List...

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No payment details needed. No sales calls. No obligation.

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