Working From Home

If the last few weeks during the Coronavirus crisis have taught us anything, it’s that working from home (WFH) is much more feasible than businesses ever realised.

Everything changed so quickly. 

For me, I was in work on Monday and Tuesday I was WFH; that was three, nearly four weeks ago. By day I currently work for a large national company, with regional offices all over the UK. The biggest struggle I have found (apart from my kid’s tablets and iPads kicking me off the wi-fi in the middle of a Zoom call!) has been trying to track down files (assets), at short notice, to use on webpages, customer information updates, social media etc. I work in Marketing, and during this pandemic my job has been fast paced, with the business situation changing every minute (at least that’s how it feels!)

I have wasted time, waiting for colleagues to send me approved image files, logos or assets. Time I should have been spent making sure messaging was right or customer feedback was responded to, was spent searching through every single folder on our shared drive.

Whilst the last few weeks have shown us what is possible, I think there have been huge learnings to take from it. Businesses have been able to provide their staff with most of the tools needed to work from home, the effectiveness of those staff still needs work. Has everyone had everything they have needed? The most up-to-date content, approved assets and the files to efficiently work from home?

I have had files sent to me via SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox (I’m sure we all have a preference, or one we dislike the least?). With all these different systems, there are so many places to lose things, resulting in multiple saved versions of one item…all over the place. I would hate for you to see my desktop right now!

This is where Brandspace, a brand asset management system, comes into its own. 

A cloud-based (ideal for remote working or WFH), secure (*thumb-up*), easy to use (I’ve tested this on a friend, who asked me the other day, how to reply to an email…not a technical genius by any stretch!), single point platform. Set up and structured how you/your company wants it. A place where you can share, preview, download and importantly, with the clever tagging, find the file you were looking for, using the search and categorisation functionality.

If we as a nation start to demand working flexibility, with WFH being a viable option. Brandspace is a clever investment. Especially this year. As we are offering 50% discount, for life, for those who join us in 2020.

If this sounds like something for you…(I mean, how could it not!)…then register your email today! Be ahead of the competition, get ready to have more time for the important stuff.

Take care, stay safe.

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