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Space for Your Brand to Grow

Brandspace is a brand asset management system that helps you easily manage the creative assets that bring your brand to life. 

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Brandspace Was Built For You. Here's Why:

One Central Space to Manage Your Brand Assets

Gain Competetive Edge Through Better Brand Management

As your business grows, managing your brand becomes increasingly difficult. Files get lost, teams use outdated messaging and assets, and you waste time searching for and sharing files.

Brandspace solves all these problems and more by providing a central space for you to manage and grow your brand.

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Access Brandspace From Any Location

Brandspace is a Brand Asset Management System You Can Access From Any Location​

Brandspace is a cloud-based so wherever you are you can access your brand assets. 

  • This makes remote work easier.
  • It supports collaboration.
  • And it removes the need to email files or post hard drives.
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Save Time and Focus on the Important Stuff

Easily Find All Your Brand Files

Organise all your brand assets in your Brandspace. Easily find them, download them or share them all from one system.

Brandspace Puts You in Control

Structure your Brandspace just the way you need it. Define your categories and tags, set user permissions and create custom collections.

No More Complexity

No more: Lengthy email chains. Unreliable internal servers. Badly categorised filing. Posting hard drives. Losing files and wasting time.

All your important digital assets in one place. Securely stored. Easy to find. Easy to share.

Easily Share Your Brand Assets With Brandspace

Great Things in Business are Never Done by one Person. They’re Done by a Team of People.

Collaborate on marketing campaigns across your teams and external suppliers (wherever they are in the world).

Set-up campaign folders that you can add guidelines, photography, key messages, graphics, video, pre-made templates and everything else you need to grow your brand.

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Brandspace is the Perfect Brand Asset Management System for Fast Growth Brands

Brandspace Provides a Strong Foundation for
Your Brand Growth

Nothing kills momentum like poor processes and using software that’s not a great fit for your business. Fast-growing businesses need software and systems that make their life easier and support further growth by providing a strong foundation on which to operate. 

Brandspace will help you streamline your brand management systems with easy to use software. It’s designed to be easy to use, with a focused set of features that do exactly what you need them to.

 So while your competitors struggle with inefficiency you can gain an edge through better brand management.

What Makes Brandspace Different?

We’re not Enterprise. We’re not blue, boring, with bloated software and complicated user experience.

We offer the same essential functionality that enterprise brand asset management software provides. But our focus in on simplicity and clarity. Giving you everything you need to manage your brand assets and nothing more.

We’re the perfect next step for growing brands looking for a better way to manage their media and marketing files. 

Brandspace Brand Asset Management System - Key Features

Brandspace is a brand asset management system that gives you all the features you need for expert branding asset management:

  • Secure cloud based storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Asset taxonomy
  • Search, filter and refine assets
  • User management
  • Collections
  • Custom styling
  • Brand guidelines

Common Questions

Will I be Tied Into a Long-term Contract?

No. We offer options to pay annually or monthly and with both options you can cancel anytime. Cancellation is straightforward, the refund process clear and fair, and you get the opportunity to bulk download all your files when you cancel. 

Plus, our 14 day free trial gives you an excellent opportunity to see if Brandspace is the right brand asset management software for you before buy.  

I Have a Lot of Files, Won't That be Difficult to Migrate?

Our brand asset management system has bulk file upload functionality by default, and also supports zip files. So uploading brand assets from your internal servers or other platforms is straightforward. 

Once uploaded to your Brandspace you can check through all the metadata and assign the assets to your newly created categories. 

Will I Outgrow Brandspace, Like I Have With Other Brand Asset Management Platforms?

Brandspace has been designed to be easy to use whether you have 100 files or 5,000, ten staff or 10,000. Brandspace scales on usage, not users, so everyone in your business can access all your files and you pay for what you use.

Have More Questions?

We’re happy to answer them.

Take Control of Your Brand Assets This Year

Brandspace Is Launching Early 2022.
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