About Brandspace

Find out more about our brand and the people behind it

Why We Created Brandspace

Brandspace has been built by people who have been in your position, unable to find a simple solution to managing their brand assets.

Brandspace is the creation of Matt, Greg and Helen. We have all at one time or another worked for companies who didn’t have a ‘Brandspace’ but who desperately needed one!

“We want Brandspace to be the tool you had been searching for. With our support, as your business grows, so will your Brandspace. It will be the missing piece; that colleague you just couldn’t be without!”

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Who is Brandspace For?

Brandspace is the perfect brand management software for businesses of all sizes. You might recognise some or all of these scenarios:

Complexity is Our Enemy

One of the most important aspects of any software you use in your business is that it’s easy to use and easy to learn to use. Nothing kills uptake of your new software like complexity.

We don’t want Brandspace to be the star of the show; that’s the job of your brand and creative assets.

So, at the core of Brandspace is one simple concept: clarity.

We’ve worked hard to make Brandspace as easy to use as possible. So much so that you won’t need lengthy onboarding calls, and unnecessary sales demos. And when new team members join your growing business they can get started right away and access everything they need with ease. 

We want Brandspace to run quietly, and reliably in the background, supporting your business operations and allowing you to focus on the important stuff.

More than just the software, we work had to make all our processes as clear and simple as possible. From purchase to usage. And if it turns out Brandspace isn’t right for you, it’s simple and easy to cancel your Brandspace account at any time.

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