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An Introduction to Cloud Based Digital Asset Management

In this article, we’re giving a brief introduction to cloud based DAM. We cover everything you need to know about managing your digital media assets online.

We also introduce Brandspace, our cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) platform, which makes it easy for you to manage the creative assets that bring your brand to life. 

Let’s get started…

What is Cloud Based Digital Asset Management ?

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A cloud digital asset management system or cloud DAM is an online platform that allows you to upload, store and access digital files

Being “cloud based”, means your DAM software and your files are stored online. This is achieved using remote servers rather than “locally” on your computer or company servers. 

One of the main benefit of this is you can access your brand’s media files from any location (providing you have internet access). 

Cloud Based Brand Asset Management:
Is it the Same Thing?

You may have come across this term on your research, and be wondering if DAM and BAM are the same thing. 

The answer to this question is essentially yes.

You could get into detail and look at the slight differences between the tow types of system. Mainly around the focus of each type of platform. DAM has a pure focus on storing and managing your digital assets. Whereas Brand Asset Management software builds on this functionality and tailors it more towards a marketing and brand management use case. Introducing things like brand guidelines, and supporting marketing campaign roll-out.

For the sake of variety in this article, we’re using the terms interchangeably.


Some Interesting Cloud Based DAM Stats

The digital asset management market was valued at USD 2,962.2 million in 2020.

It is expected to reach USD 8,158.6 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 18.46% during the period of 2021-2026.

Worryingly, many brands store their digital assets in several different locations and only a few store in one system. According to the study of over 3,400 marketers and creators, by Demand Metric in 2020:

  • 61% mentioned cloud storage platforms,
  • 51% a server of their company,
  • 34% Digital Asset Management,
  • 32% local storage,
  • and 21% mentioned a tool with a suite of solutions, including an asset storage component. 


How Can Cloud Based DAM Help Your Business?

TLDR; You Can Use Online Digital Asset Management to Gain Competitive Advantage​

More and more enterprises are recognising the benefits of Cloud DAM. It is helping them gain control over their digital assets. 

In turn, this helps them manage their brand much more effectively.

This better organisation supports brand growth and helps them gain a competitive advantage in their market. 

Keep reading to see how your business could benefit from cloud based brand asset management.

Access Cloud DAM From Any Location

Using online brand management software like Brandspace gives you one, centralised, platform that anyone in your business can access from any location.

  • This makes remote working so much easier.
  • It supports collaboration as teams across the globe can easily access the files they need instantly.
  • It removes cumbersome processes like needing to email files or post hard drives.
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Secure Storage With Cloud Based Digital Asset Management

Storing your digital assets in specialist web-based DAM software is a lot more secure than using internal servers or hard drives.

Daily file backups to different server locations mean less risk of loss and damage in the event of theft, fire or flood. 

Collaboration Made Easy

Developing and rolling out marketing campaigns is easy with digital asset management software like Brandspace.

Because the software is stored in the cloud all your teams can access the files they needed from any location.

Marketing teams can share strategy documents and campaign plans.

Creative teams can easily upload their latest design, video and audio work.

Marketers can access these and publish them on your promotional channels. 

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Everyone on The Same Page

DAM software supports more effective and efficient working. It achieves this by providing one easy to access online platform for all your brand and marketing collateral.

With everyone on the same page, communication is made so much easier.

  • No lengthy email trails sharing zip folders of logos.
  • No contacting multiple teams looking for the correct graphics.
  • One online DAM software.
  • One simple process for storing and sharing your brand assets.

Alternatives to Cloud Based Digital Asset Management

While the benefits of cloud based DAM are clear it’s worth weighing up the alternatives when looking where to invest your brand asset management budget. 

Onsite Using Internal Servers

This option gives you full control, which is super important. However,  it makes remote collaboration more tricky. It’s also potentially more risky as the servers are stored on site.

Google Drive and Dropbox

These platforms are easy to get started with. They also have generous free tiers. However, as soon as you start to scale, their per-user pricing can get expensive. They’re also platforms that try to do it all, so aren’t optimised for DAM. With the folder structure, the user interface can get a bit clunky when it comes to reviewing the visual assets you need. You also run the risk of multiple team members setting up separate drives further adding to your file management issues!

Hard Drives

Please don’t use this method! While it’s by far the easiest to get started with, it comes with massive downsides – basically all the things that online DAM solves. Things likes, poor security, no opportunity for collaboration, and files being hard to find.

Cloud Based DAM by Brandspace

Firstly, our guiding principles are clarity simplicity.

Our sole focus is on creating DAM software that is intuitive and enjoyable to use.

We want you to be able to sign-up for Brandspace and start right away. No lengthy, boring and costly training is required.

We built Brandspace to help you manage your brand assets, nothing more. We’ll never introduce features that will distract from delivering against this purpose.

Our pricing works on a model that will grow as your business does. So as you scale it will support your brand growth journey.

Improve the way you manage your brand today

Brandspace is launching soon. Join the waitlist and receive updates, brand management tips, and get early access.

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